Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Singletrack Magazine Point of Sale

Just before Christmas I designed the Singletrack Point of Sale to be distributed to all the bike shops who sell the magazine. Receiving this from the printers was quite exciting. I dabbled with POS display design when I was an intern, but sadly left before I got to see the finished pieces. I much prefer this one though.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Just want to wish my readers a happy Easter filled with joy, celebration and very small coconut chickens, just as Jesus would've wanted.
No thanks to Oddie's the Bakers for totally destroying my Lenten self-denial by creating this chick.

Happy Easter
guru elektronika

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Modelling Work and Spoon Skirt

Modelling Work

At around the age of 10 (amongst many other occupations), I wanted to be a model. I instantly discounted it because I had a bit of a funny walk and didn't think I was that pretty.

I'm still not incredibly pretty, still not much taller than I was at 10 years old (I've reached the dizzying heights of 5'3" since) and have a few inches more in the boob than Kate Moss does. None of this stopped me fulfilling a long-abandoned dream, as I modelled a bag in issue 80 of Singletrack.

I'm sure that Burberry contract is on it's way to me in the post.

Spoon Skirt

Here's my latest sewing project, using the spoon patterned cotton I bought in Berlin. Didn't use a pattern, just went for it. All hand stitched. Sorry for the variable quality of the photos. I feel fabulous wearing it, and the hours I spent on it were worth it. I think I'll call it's theme 'Goth Tablecloth'. Eat that, Galliano.

Feature Friday 15: Joshua Wyborn, Photographer.

I've known Joshua for 4 years now, and having seen much of his portfolio that isn't online, I have always been impressed. Joshua has a passion for stunning monochromatic images (I have a real soft spot for his landscapes). I've selected a few from his current portfolio today to show you. He's highly professional and his personal photo shoots aren't boring, uninteresting or cliched, as corporate photographers tend to be.

I've been blogging for almost 5 years now, and Joshua is the first photographer I've featured, a testament to his skill. I hope you like his work and will consider hiring him one day.

Joshua's full portfolio is here, you can follow him on Twitter, or do the Facebook thing with Josh. He'll love you forever if you do.

I wish I designed...ADHD

I picked up ADHD (Attention Deficit in High Definition) in Liverpool a few months ago and has been a most welcome feature to my magazine collection. It's also a treasured debut issue, one of few debut issues I've been able to get my mits on. Basically, ADHD has damn cool design, a vibrant contrast of illustration, photo features and written content, with a decent fashion editorial to boot. Here's a few snaps. The highly skilled designers of awesome are Myriam Waldbillig and Callum Green. 
Check it out: http://www.purplerevolver.com/tags/adhd-magazine/